-River Lodge-

Huckleberry River Lodge offers prime outdoor surroundings, including river banks and water rapids, which in turn offers a greater deal of active outdoor activities that will expand the lungs and increase the heart rate, coupled with a breathe taking view, you will have to look far and wide for an experience like ours.

​We offer river guides for our rafting, allowing that added comfort knowing that a guide that is familiar with the water and its conditions will be accompanying you. Our Biking trails have various terrains that allow for a safari like experience for the avid riders, Huckleberry River Lodge prides ourselves on our outdoor activities, the true resort experience.


The river flow rate at Huckleberry River Lodge is fairly constant at an average rate of 14m3/s’ throughout the year. It sometimes spikes up to around 18-203/s for a very short time but seldom goes beyond that except when the floodgates are the Vaal Dam, which does not happen very often.

This constant flow- and flow-rate is ideal for fly-fishing as its very wade able with correct footwear and wading sticks,
which of cause makes Huckleberry River Lodge one of the best fly-fishing resorts. for up to date rates at our resort.

Fish species include, Smallmouth Yellowfish and Largemouth Yellowfish, Mudfish, Moggel, Barbel (Catfish) and Carp, ( Not Bass).

– Huckleberry River Lodge is primary a fly-fishing resort and is not ideal for bank angling, but it can be done.

-Guests who book accommodation at our resort, or Day Visitors do not pay extra for fishing on the resort during their stay

-Fly – fishing (All-year round) – Check-in from 7:00 AM, check-out late, by arrangement

-As members of FOSAF , (Fly -fishing Association of South Africa) we are environmentally caring and strictly support C.A.R (Catch and Release)


Our river side mountain trails offer our riders a full body experience, with our tails consisting of incline & decline sections which will have even the most experienced riders looking for a second round.​

These trails are all terrain, with rocky passes right through to the flatter grass lands, but be sure to wear your outdoor gear, as these trails some water and muddy sections too.

Huckleberry River Lodge offers these trails for the avid rider as well as a day out with the family, making this your prime selection for the outdoors.


Master the second oldest sport in the world. I this compact but thorough lesson we teach you all you need to know about this popular and exciting sport. Groups will compete against each other in a battle for the highest score.


Hugely popular with our guests, we offer a choice of 3-4 hour, 5-6 hour or 7-9 hour trips, launching just below the Vaal Dam wall. Most groups do the short 3-4 hour route which is great fun and a relaxing drift down the river.

We have a large fleet and mostly use inflatable crocs made by ARK, which conform to the highest safety manufacturing standards. Traditional Canadian or Mohawk rigid fiberglass canoes are also available.

River rafting activities are supervised every paddle stroke of the way under the guidance of qualified and certified rafting guides.

RATES for River Rafting at Huckleberry River Lodge :

River rafting rates include all equipment such as rafts, life jackets, safety head gear and experienced river rafting guides. This is a fun activity, not strenuous at all and very safe for all age groups.


Huckleberry River Lodge offers youth camp options that sleeps 60 students for multiple applications, ranging from church camps, youth leadership camps as well as academic field trips (initiation camps for grade 8 students).

Our dormitories are specifically utilised or housing students as well as the care takers our teaching staff to be stationed within a close proximity to the children.

We further offer a wide variety of youth orientated activities aimed at teaching key points of day to day social skills as well as motivational group driven tasks, allowing the youth to work in team based culture.


Experience our corporate side of the Lodge too, with full conference facilities that can seat 30 members.

these facilities are stationed adjacent to each other that allows us to combine the two resulting in 60 seated boardroom.

along with our conference facilities, Huckleberry River Lodge also offers our corporate guest the fun side of life with ranges of team building exercises, which will have your sales, accounts & procurement department partaking in motivational activities that will have your teams working together like never before.